100% Australian Hosting

Australian Website Hosting is more than servers installed in an Australian datacentre and a pretty website. So many Australian businesses are hosting their website overseas, on cheap, over-subscribed servers where limited technical support is provided during the night (business hours in the US and India). If a shared server is slow and preventing customer purchases, or your business website is down, you need real support from real people – not an answering machine at an unattended office or worse, an answering service who has no idea who you are and why you are calling. Hosting overseas is a template for disaster. Thats why were 100% Australian website hosting – designed, built and supported by Australians in Australia. When you need help, were here, with our business hours and after hours technical support. Host with confidence, here in Australia, with Super Domains Australia. We’re Australia’s Hosting Experts. Your Australian web host is Super Domains Australia.

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