High Availability Website Hosting

Enjoy 99.99% Uptime With Super Domains

Whether you choose traditional or cloud hosting, your website is as good as nothing when your server goes on a downtime. Fortunately, Super Domains offers high availability web hosting with a 99.99% uptime, minimizing downtime to almost zero minutes. How do we do this? You’ll be pleased to know that we provide you with a redundant website hosting equipment to serve your data and keep your site running. Although not in use most of the time, this standby equipment is always ready to save the day on a 24/7 basis.

high avail web host

The Benefits of Redundant Website Hosting

As a business, your website can’t afford to go offline for more than a few seconds, let alone a few minutes or a whole day! Allowing this to happen will drive your online customers to your competitors while you’re busy fixing your website. Keep downtime at bay with Super Domains’ redundant web hosting. As one of the leading Australian cloud hosting companies, we bring you both cPanel hosting and Windows hosting to help you create and launch your website in no time.

How Reliable Is Our Data Centre?

Super Domains is equipped with high performance UPS power loss protection, redundant power generators with on-demand refuelling agreements, multiple cooling units, as well as redundant dual power circuits. Ours is a supercomputer equivalent of a maximum-security system-designed to thwart any security breach and power failure. Get all these features and more when you register a personal or a business website from Super Domains!

Keep Your Website Online All the Time

When you try the affordable web hosting of Super Domains, you’ll know why thousands of websites have already switched to our services. Establish a stronger and a more visible online presence today. Call 1300 884 194 and we’ll help you get started.