Why Are Your Domain Names So Cheap?

We don’t pay $140 for a domain name, so why should you?

Super Domains was born from web developers not wanting to charge clients outrageous amounts for domain names. So we cut our prices right back, and decided to share the pricing with all Australians. No tricks, no catches, just dirt cheap domain names.

How do you do it?

We gave up on having a nice boat and company Jet, and instead cut back profit margins to give you an incredible – almost unbelievable price!

What do your competitors charge?

We have a list of competitors pricing. See for yourself how much you will save at Super Domains!

The Background

Super Domains was founded by a web development company in Melbourne to fill a need for cheaper domain names. Super Domains is now owned by the Australian company Impossibility Inc. and is backed by the SYRA network.