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Get the Edge in Web Publishing With Super Domains

There is a good reason why more and more websites are turning to Super Domains for their website start-up, renewal and migration. With our advanced cloud hosting infrastructure and technology, you get cheap hosting rates, 24/7 reliability, 99.99% uptime and easy-to-use web development tools. Moreover, our cloud servers are ready for both Windows website hosting and Linux website hosting. Each has its own strengths, but both receive the highest level of service and security provided by our company.

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Always a Step Ahead

Super Domains is one of the most trusted cloud computing and hosting providers in Australia. Our facility features the up-to-date hardware, software and data centre architecture to provide you the edge. While we carry some of the biggest names in e-commerce, a large number of our clients consist of small-time private and business websites. Why? It’s because while our businesses rise from the competition, while keeping the successful ones afloat. In addition, we provide both Windows website hosting and Linux website hosting to fit your needs and preferences.

Our Technology Platform Features

  •  Best of Breed Hardware Vendor Selection
  •  Diverse Path Fibre Optic Network Connectivity
  •  High Performance UPS Power Loss Protection
  •  Latest EMC Cloud Hosting Infrastructure
  •  Multiple Core Switches for Private and Public Connectivity
  •  Multiple Edge Router Equipment with Hot Spares
  •  Multiple Redundant Chillers and Cooling Unit
  •  Redundant Dual Power Circuits
  •  Redundant Power Generator with On Demand

Choose Super Domains Now!

Your potential audience and customers are all online. Reach them fast with the help of Super Domains and our latest EMC cloud hosting infrastructure. Our website hosting services are available at a fraction of the price. We also offer DNS hosting, email hosting and Australian domain name registration. Call us at 1300 884 194 to talk about your options and our rates.